Only Premium Banh Mi Here

What Makes Phubs Banh Mi unique?


Our style is a little unique, and so is our Banh Mi.  We wanted to offer a Premium Banh Mi that everyone can appreciate.  It starts with the quality of our meats and produce we use.  Our meats are 100% ABF free from domestic free-range animals from local farms.  Some of our produce is organic from local farms.  We get our meat and produce delivered daily, fresh and not frozen.

Our marinades are made from scratch using high quality all-natural ingredients.  We use premium grade French baguettes baked to a golden brown thin crunchy exterior while maintaining a soft interior.  We stuff the baguette with as much meat, pickled carrots/daikon, cucumbers and cilantro that can fit.  This is Phubs Banh Mi. You won't find this quality anywhere else.


Banh Mi Options


 Citrus Sesame Chicken Banh Mi  -  Our best-selling Banh Mi.  Seasoned with a lightly sweetened sesame flavor and a hint of lime.   

 Spicy Chicken Banh Mi  -  This one needs no introduction.  The word Spicy should not be taken lightly, this chicken is HOT!  Marinated overnight in fresh Thai Chili Peppers, we dare you to add jalapeno slices at our fixin' bar! 

 Drunken Dunk Chicken Banh Mi  -  Our newest addition to the staple.  Handmade crispy chicken that is dunked in Phun Yum sauce.     

 Bulgogi Steak & Kimchi Banh Mi  -  A tender cut of steak marinated in our own Gluten Free Korean BBQ marinade, topped it with Kimchi.  This beef banh mi is like no other out there! 

 BBQ Pork Banh Mi  -  Thin-sliced juicy pork marinated in our own Char Siu style BBQ sauce 

 Phun Yum Shrimp Banh Mi  -  Packed with large shrimp that has been smothered in our very own creamy "so yummy" sauce. 

 "Veggie" Banh Mi  -  A vegetarian Banh Mi that even meat lovers can enjoy!  Portabella mushrooms provide the protein while a fat stack of flavorful vegetables satisfy your tastebuds.  

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