About Us

From Our Chef and Staff


 We do things a little different at Phubs.  We offer the two most popular Vietnamese dishes in a fast-casual style environment.  Come in and order from our simple menu at the counter, take a number and stop by our condiment bar to grab the essentials to add to your meal.  Get a drink at the fountain station and take a seat and our friendly staff will take care of the rest. 

Our Food



Our menu focuses on healthy eating because we use all-natural ingredients and high quality meats and produce from local farms. We are as transparent as our Pho broth, and adhere to our commitment to use premium, high-quality ingredients.

Phubs Quality - Taste the Difference



At Phubs, we source most of our meats, poultry and produce from butchers and farms that don't like to mess with mother nature.

  • Our meats are 100% ABF Free
  • From domestic free-range animals from local farms when in season
  • Some of our produce are Organic from local farms
  • Most of our foods are delivered daily, fresh and never frozen
  • Our flavors are made from scratch using high quality all-natural ingredients
  • Your food is cooked to order, making it hot, fresh and tasty.

Why do we believe in using high-quality meats, poultry and produce?  Our palette tells us they boast a far better quality and taste than the alternative.

Fresh food, hot food, Phubs food.​

That's the Phubs Difference!